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Dr. Jolanta Lukawski, MD
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Be Skinny for those days when you want to eat less!

Clinical studies show that one of the active ingredients in Be Skinny not only helps suppress your appetite but also helps to reduce snacking and compulsive eating behaviors leading to a reduction in weight and inches. In fact, 100% of women in the study reported decreased hunger while over 80% lost weight*

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Dr. Jolanta Lukawski, MD Dr. Jolanta Lukawski, MD

I’m Dr. Jolanta Lukawski. Millions of Americans are looking for help losing weight and many are now turning to Be Skinny. Be Skinny is all about moderation, not depravation. A clinical study of saffron extract, one of the active ingredients in Be Skinny, showed that just 2 oz. of Be Skinny works for today and for the long term because you feel fuller and lose weight by wanting to eat smaller portions. I highly recommend it to my patients.**

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Satisfied Customers Kris - California

All I had to do was drink one 2 oz bottle of Be Skinny and my appetite was cut in half. I lost 7 pounds in 10 days. I didn't even need to drink it everyday. The residual effect kept my appetite way down. And it tastes great.*
Kris, California

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*These results are not typical and not everyone will experience these results. Use in conjunction with a weight management
program, healthy diet, nutrition and exercise. **Dr. Lukawski is a compensated spokesman.

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